It is increasingly difficult to discern what is true and verifiable information versus what has been put out to purposely misinform and misguide. Too often Donald Trump supporters misrepresent what we believe in. Below is a list of topics and links to brief posts that will help you understand and talk to undecided voters in person or online to help make sure they are not mislead by Trump supporters and those who do not support basic human rights and environmental justice.

Below are links to organizations with information on global issues, national issues, statewide issues, regional issues and local issues. The topics include the environment, climate change, racism, equity and inclusion, poverty, democracy, classism, indigenous rights, military industrial complex, school to prison pipeline, and so many more.  These groups are all working toward solutions.

Women’s March

Poor People’s Campaign


Sierra Club


Democracy Now

Union of Concerned Scientists

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence

March for our Lives

American Civil Liberties Union


National Urban League

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Southern Poverty Law Center

Planned Parenthood

Progressive Democrats of America

Democratic Socialists of America

the Movement for Black Lives

Clean Water Action

Public Citizen

Urban Institute

National Center for Children in Poverty



Teaching Tolerance

ACLU – Know Your Immigrant Rights

Earth Day Network

Story of Stuff

NASA Climate Change site

Habitat for Humanity

Climate Change –

1 Million Women (Climate change

Environmental Action

United States Constitution