The Mission: During the 2016 election, Donald Trump won Michigan by an average of 129 voters per county.  Trump’s victory in Michigan, combined with similarly thin margins of victory in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, were the reason that Donald Trump gained enough electoral votes to win the Presidency despite losing the popular vote.  The mission of the 129 Campaign is to recruit and organize volunteers who will do the work that it takes to get out 129 more votes for the Democratic nominee in each county in Michigan.  Please see the links at the top of the page for information on how you can help assure we get an ethical, intelligent, and competent President to lead our great nation.

Latest Information

Take Action for Biden

We encourage you to visit the Action Center page on Joe Biden’s website by going to . On that page you can find out how to volunteer, download his app, help with fundraising, and more. We only need 129 votes more per county this time around to help Biden win Michigan. Visit his page…


The group Friends of Democracy put up a billboard on 115 near Cadillac with a pretty important message, as well as promoting visiting this website!

Get motivated!

It seems every election is called the “most important election of a lifetime.” However, this one very well might be. We have a President that acts as though the laws don’t apply to him. He is reckless with our military. He has taken us back two steps on climate change action. He has no plan…